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what your favorite thing to play on your instrument?


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ive grown attached to playing this one part of the song Frantic by metallica on my bass




D :12-10-0-11-11-11-12-10-0-11-11-11






ive also enjoyed playing the bass line for is this it? by the strokes..


woot woot woot :rolleyes:

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There are lots of things I really enjoy playing on guitar:


Radiohead - Paranoid Android

Radiohead - There There

Radiohead - 2+2=5

Radiohead - Just

Oasis - Champagne Supernova (old live version)

Oasis - Fade In-Out

Oasis - All Around The World

The Cooper Temple Clause - Let's Kill Music

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Heart + Soul

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Awake

Jeff Buckley - What Will You Say?

Jeff Buckley - Dream Brother

The Strokes - The Modern Age

The Strokes - Reptilia


there are plenty more

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I'm a crappy guitarist too, but there are a few songs i can play:


Help - The Beatles,

Roll with it and live forever - oasis

take me out - franz ferdinand

Last nite - Strokes


And my fav bass lines:


strokes - pretty much all their songs

radiohead - paranoid android

oasis - cast no shadow, stop crying your heart out

muse - citizen erased, hysteria

interpol - obstacle 1

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