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Dave's World of Bizarre: Volume 2

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ZAGREB (Reuters) - A top Croatian pop star asked a Zagreb court on Friday to watch a private movie in which she enjoys a lusty sex romp to see whether her copyright was violated by a Web Site that showed it to the public.


Severina Vuckovic, 32, sued the http://www.index.hr web portal for publishing shots of her having sex with a man later identified as a wealthy Bosnian Croat businessman who is married with children.


Her lawyers demanded the video be shown in court, state news agency Hina reported.


In a separate motion, the defendants also asked that a court-appointed sex expert see the video to determine if Vuckovic had "demonstrated anything not previously seen in the porn industry," which could qualify for copyright, Hina said.


"I do not think she has shown any new sexual art," the portal's owner, Matija Babic, told the agency.


The stills and whole 11-minute video clip quickly became the hottest Internet item in the former Yugoslav republic, where Vuckovic is a sex symbol but has often projected a modest and religious image.


Independent media estimated the video had been downloaded 10 million times and way beyond Croatia's borders.


Vuckovic said it was stolen from her private collection.


This is the woman




Interesting job Judges have today :lol:

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where do you get this stuff (oh dear lord I don't mean the porn!!! :o :lol: )?! :lol: :lol:


i know my stuff Fifi :wink3: from special sources :lol:

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