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Thanks Chris!: Danny McNamara


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Embrace frontman Danny McNamara has hailed Chris Martin, the man who helped save the band’s career, as a genius.


Speaking to nme.com, McNamara said if it wasn't for the success brought by the Martin penned 'Gravity', his band would have been dumped by their label and split up.


"I think Chris Martin is a genius, but it's not easy for him," he said. "I speak to him every week, pretty much, and he sets impossibly high standards for himself and then somehow he manages to reach them. The thing of giving us 'Gravity' – it’s easy to give away any song, but he gave us a really ***** good one, just like an amazing gift. No matter how good a songwriter you are, a song like that only comes along maybe twice a year."


The massive success of ‘Gravity’ prompted a complete resurgence in fortunes for Embrace after a number of years on the periphery. Their comeback album ‘Out Of Nothing’ shot straight to Number One, shifting almost 250,000 copies in a month, and they are about to start a sold-out British and European tour, with further dates in the spring.


"If the album hadn’t have done well, we wouldn’t be together any more because we would have dropped, I’m pretty sure about that," said McNamara.


Embrace release new single ‘Ashes’ on November 15.

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