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Coldplay Radio...


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I live in the US (I dont know how many Americans we have on the boards here, I'm a newbie...) and I was driving home from my boyfriends apartment last night and listening to the radio on the way back to NY (he lives in Philadelphia), and the radio station was playing 3 hours of what they called "Coldplay Radio". It had all 4 boys on, playing music THEY liked for about three hours. It was on a station called Y100 and it was quite intresting.. they played everything from the Black Eyed Peas (who I love) to Love (sp?) to Echo and the Bunnymen to themselves...It was heaven...


Anyways, just thought I'd let you all know :)

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oooh the website has it up:







with Chris, Will & Guy

Saturday, March 1st, 2003



Love – Alone Again Or

Coldplay – In My Place

Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows

Stones – Wild Horses

PJ Harvey – Good Fortune

Coldplay - Shiver

Gram Parsons – Brass Buttons

Pogues – A Pair of Brown Eyes

Streets – It’s Too Late

Weezer – My Name Is Jonas

Coldplay – Clocks

New Order - Confusion

Jimmy Cliff – Many Rivers To Cross

Smiths – Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before

Coldplay – Trouble

U2 – New Year’s Day

REM – Perfect Circle

Neil Young – Cinnamon Girl

The Cure – A Forest

Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine

Coldplay – God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Bob Dylan - Hurricane

Verve – Bittersweet Symphony

Love – Seven and Seven Is

Coldplay – Yellow

Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence

Beach Boys – The Warmth of The Sun

Black Eyed Peas - Fallin' Up

Coldplay – Warning Sign (Y100 Sonic Session Version)

Johnny Cash – Mercy Seat

R.E.M. – Radio Free Europe

Coldplay – Spies

Television – Marquee Moon

Echo – The Cutter

Coldplay – Politik

Electric Prunes – I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night

Radiohead – Idiotheque

Coldplay – The Scientist

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