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David G Presents - Super Saturday

Guest DavidG

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Super Saturday


In the Wake of the Wednesday the 1st of December Poll Cut off Point, I have decided to throw you guys a special Night of fun, that and also because the board is rather quiet tonight, so we need some super fun! So First off,


draw your attention to the Poll, tonight, you will have one of a few of the options!....try and be as inspirational as you can and most of all, try and enjoy the night :lol:


Here goes...

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Top Posters In This Topic

Albie as a woman' date=' or david singing. I'll be happy with both.[/quote']



f*ck that, I wanna see Albie II :)

is that the one where you're sucking bush's d ick chaney?




no, I hope not, David you know that one is not allowed on this board

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