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Safety EP.


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Man.. good luck with that.. really. I saw one on ebay yesterday I believe and it was already up to about 500 bucks. Oops.. k found another one. This one is already up to about 650 US dollars.. ouch. I could go on a nice ski trip for that money.

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Damn I'm posting too much on this one.. sorry!!!


Here's another Safety ep that sold yesterday.. it sold for almost 1000 bucks in US dollars!! crazy!!!!!!

It sold for 600 in london pounds???

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Hello all.

I was wondering if anyone out there has an original copy of the Safety EP (that they would be willing to sell)? My girlfriend's birthday is coming up, and I could not think of a better gift for her. . .



:o Somebody be my boyfriend, and buy me one!!!!!

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hmmmmm * considers* :?


*considers of immediately accepting everyone who has a picture of Safety EP*


*realized that a lot of people have an image of Safety EP*


*is :shocked: at the prospect of suddenly having too many boyfriends*


* uses the :puppydogeyes: @ Ian and all of the people in the world, and tries to manipulate them all to buy me the Safety EP* :P

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