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God Put a Smile Upon Your Face


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This is a truly great song, but I don't really think that the studio recording on AROBTTH shows all of it's "power". I think that it's true power is shown on the Live 2003 DVD when it shows Chris banging on the acoustic and Jonny banging his guitar and will banging his drums while Guy bangs on his bass, it's a whole gang bang!!! ok, enough with the sickness....but yeah, lol, you all should get that DVD if you don;t have it. I usually listen to the CD that comes with it more often then I do with AROBTTH nowadays.....


Comments? Thoughts? Opinions?

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Well I like the album version too, but you can definitely feel a different energy from the live version. They just jam on their instruments and is truly a great sound. I know when I saw them on tour, it was one of the more energetic songs! Both versions are good, however I know what you are talking about, the end is amazing!

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one of my favourite songs!! i absolutely love it and it always comes out beautifully Live, i hope they aren't getting sick of playing it cause im really looking forward to listening it on the 21st!! :P


wow...you got concert ticket? congrats to you. enjoy it!:)

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