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Chris included in 'Bedtime Story' Poll


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Actress Joanna Lumley has the ideal voice for a bedtime story, according to a survey released today.


The Ab Fab and Avengers star beat a host of celebrities – including TV presenters Fiona Phillips and Davina McCall, and Coldplay frontman Chris Martin – to be the most popular choice for a bedtime story.


The results, published in Bella magazine, coincide with today’s launch of Chatterbox Challenge Week, a new initiative from the charity I CAN which provides help for children with speech and language difficulties.


The male celebrity with the most soothing tone was TV and radio pundit Jonathan Ross, who fought off stiff competition from Robert De Niro, George Clooney and Ringo Starr.


Respondents also voted for the accent most likely to make them wake up with a smile, the majority preferring a Scottish brogue with Irish coming a close second.


Chatterbox Challenge 2005 aims to encourage children to communicate by learning and performing rhymes, songs and stories. It will raise funds for children with speech problems.


Another famous face keen to raise awareness is model Melinda Messenger.


“Chatterbox Challenge is a great way for little voices to make a big difference and me and my kids are really looking forward to taking part.”


For more information contact 0870 45 85 475 or log on to http://www.chatterboxchallenge.org.uk




How weird :thinking:

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Back in 1989/1990, When i was about 4 or 5 i used to think the year 2000 as people flying in cars that ran on water, and Humans would be similar to robots. But....no, 'Actress Joanna Lumley has the ideal voice for a bedtime story, according to a survey released today.' For me...the reason i couldn't get to sleep, was because this survey was still in progress...the completion will let me rest on a night, whether Mrs Lumley is reading me a story or not ;) :D

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haha....i once had a Tape when i was little that i used to listen too before i went to sleep, it was Fireman Sam. Then one day, i had an awful pain in my ears...and it was because i used to leave the headphones on when i'd fall asleep. I have developed an ear infection.

Davina McCall have a quite high pitched voice i find...i like the voice of Jonathan Ross though...even with his little Lisp :cowboy:

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