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  1. I bet you there will be something. Chris said hope to see you soon somewhere. Albums to good to do nothing. Hopefully they won't be in huge arenas and hopefully tickets are inexpensive. Either way, I'm happy to enjoy a new album!
  2. Haha...yah...maybe you'll get a few popping up since a new album just came out. This album and the live concert they added to celebrate the release of their record for some reason is causing even more excitement for me. Also, some the music on this new album is reflecting stuff from the old days. In the AROBTTH days the messageboard looked different. They changed the design since the last time I logged in. It used to be light blue and smileys were old school looking. :) They were pretty cool. I can't find any examples on the internet! (that's sad ;'( ) Otherwise, I am sure it is similar.
  3. Time to go to sleep to make it for sunset! Was fun coming on here for a change. Can't remember the last time I logged in. Had to remember my old password and everything! I got scared I wouldn't even remember it. See everyone in 10 more years! :laughing: :yum No hopefully I'll make it back here again at least one more time after sunset. And don't be so hard on Chris for being "old." 40... Some of us here aren't youngsters anymore! I can't believe I admitted that. :rolleyes: :weary_face: :) Coldplay's gotta have some fans that are around their age! :cool: (My voice has suffered as
  4. ahh... will be interesting to hear when I finally get the album. I didn't want to hear any songs before I got the album, but I had to watch the youtube live concert! Sometimes I actually like hearing songs live because then when I hear them later, I am even more into it. I have noticed some bands sound even better live. U2 is one of those bands. But, I love when albums are also well produced and sound clear.
  5. Yah, really liking this song too. Maybe they will record some extra tracks later on and hopefully a full version of POTP/WOTW. Would be cool if they did.
  6. Yah, I watched it twice and then was gonna go a third time and thought, maybe I should stop. :) Now gotta make it for sunset, which will be a little after sunrise for me.
  7. really studio versions, don't sound as good? It sounded really great live. Was surprised how good it sounded.
  8. Okay, haven't been here in ages! Just came on to say that the Live in Jordan performance was awesome!!! :) :heart:
  9. I logged in just to say I am going!!! I'm excited!!! Can't wait. If Coldplay sees this... would be cool if you played "One I Love" or "Moses". Can't wait to hear the new songs too!
  10. When I first saw the name of the songs on the album I thought "Mimixxx!" a regular poster on this board. Coincidence? I think not. :) Really came on here just to say that. Weird similarity!
  11. Yay! Only around one more day till Lolla! Can't wait to see Coldplay! I'm excited. Bought the tickets pretty much the day they announced they were going to play. Would love if they played "Moses" or "One I Love" live. Haven't heard those in a while. Maybe they'll read this, maybe they won't. You never know. :) Either way, it's going to be fun. Can't wait to hear their new single live!
  12. Chris is looking good with that new haircut in the new video. Just saw it today. Love all the colors too. Glad they are making this albums outfits more casual and playful. What's with the earrings? Didn't notice that! :O
  13. I'm sure they'll go. Some acts who have gone to Lollapalooza have ended up going to Coachella later. At least that's what it seemed like last year w/ Arcade Fire and the Strokes. Used to be the other way around. They are just starting to tour now, so they'll likely be going to many places after the album is out.
  14. I guess it was smart to take a riff of that popular dance song and use it in the beginning...cause I kind of got into it right away. I love that song!
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