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Coldplay seem to have very few things on their shop. Im sure you can get some unofficial hoodie, just take a coldplay logo down to a local photo place and they'll have it printed onto a hoodie for a fee. Or you could just buy some t-shirt transfer papser, print the coldplay logo onto the paper and iron it onto the hoodie and then give me some money to charity thus having a coldplay hoodie and doing something coldplay would be pleased by all in one! Infact im gonna buy myself a plain item of clothing and make me a coldplay thingy with some t shirt transfer paper

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All the times I have been to a Coldplay show (three times) I have never bought any merch. Except my Make Trade Fair shirts.


I made my own.. the offer the template at http://www.maketradecair.com and the color pitch and everthing..


I'm looking for the Spanish version... the one Chris is wearing in the dvd when they play Spain...


'Comercio con Justicia' :cool:

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