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Help with CD Drive...


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Yeah, I think that there should be a techi category for people who need tech help with computers...but anyways...


Ever since I burned this one CD with Windows Media player, my CD Drive has been taking a shit on me. At first, I tried to burn music onto a CD, the music turned out to be really crappy and choppy, and no, it wasn't the format it was recorded in. After that, I got ITunes and used it to burn music CD's, and it worked just fine, but ever since I got that new copy of windows media player, my cd drive has had trouble reading CD's and it can't read DVD's anymore...wtf is the fuckin matter with this CD drive?? I read something that the new version of media player replaces a signed driver with an unsigned driver, but I don't know anything else....can someone please help?


It's a laptop Toshiba DVD-ROM SDR2512


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yeah, the same thing happend with mine on my old computer

its nothing to do with your drive, its down to medeia player, upgrading it or downgrading is your first option but this never worked for me, but still try it out

if that fails, then just use a diffrent type of burner

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