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Eh.... my song for Jimjam's solo album


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Ah Jimjam I'm working on the middle verse but this is what I've got so far..make any improvements to the lyrics if you want to.... and you'll notice that i took your advice on a 5 line verse exempt the 3rd which needs to be longer cos to me its the climax to the emotions building up inside of me... the 3rd verse is like letting it all out :lol:






Luck is never on my side

Nowhere to run to

Nowhere to hide

What’s there to live for?

Just show me the door

Cos luck is never on my side


Verse 1:


Fighting the battle everyday

Why don’t I just let her

Slip away (slip away…. <echo)

Why am I afraid?

Why do I hide?

Cos luck is never on my side



Verse 2:


Those green eyes that sparkling smile

Oh only if I could hold you

For a little while

Then everything would be fine

You would be mine

But luck is never on my side



Verse 3:


When I wake up and you’re not there

I feel so empty I feel

So bare (so bare…. <echo)

The touch of your hands warm me

But still I run

And still I hide

Cos luck is never on my side

And I ask myself why do I hide

And I tell myself I’m running from the things I despise

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of corse it cut it' date=' it's not a bad track, and i think i know what it's about :P[/quote']


So once I've typed up the 2nd verse will you get some chords together, record it and give me a demo? even better can I come to the studio when you record it? :cool:

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What was the point of this topic?


To show your incredibly bland lyrics, without even any music to go with it?


This is not your "SONG" for the album, its your lyrics for a song for the album. Theres no point to these topics!


well jay wanted me to post them in a thread so piss off *points to the door*

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