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Exclusive Insider News! NEW ALBUM, NEW SONGS!


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here is a picture a guy on the official board said he got from that exclusive media gig.


Some new song titles:

Square One

What If

Fix You

White Shadows

Speed Of Sound

A Message


And skittles gum? Anyway let me know what you think please!

Also I think the boxes are a code system, i originally thought acoustic versus electric, or piano vs singing all for chris, but im notsure now.

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no its not bollocks


debs said this:


I'm back! Finally. So, there'll be lots of questions i guess, but firstly may I say a tremendous thanks to the chosen few to abiding by the secretive rules for 3 days and not telling anyone!

Thanks also to those who didn't get to go who are being very gracious in accepting my choice of people.

I reckon the burning question is how/why did these people get selected?

I had to pick 10 fans and it was not easy and did take hours. I drew up a list and started to make what felt like good criteria to whittle it down.

I basically looked for people who could physically get there in time on the day, of an age where I felt their well being was not an issue as safety was paramount, a fan (!) and I then did an investigation of posts to make sure there were no bad decisions on my list! I also chose a girl who is staying in the UK from the States who's timely email was flukey and it felt right to ask her along.

I did invite the mods and also Amy. Amy was invited to one a few years back it transpired and couldn't make it, so to make up and also to thank for free photos used in the ezine, that was an easy decision.


The performance itself was great, mainly due to the excitement in the room and anticipation. It wasn't perfect but that made it all the more real and interesting. Yes Sparks appearance was gorgeous, all 4 of them closed in and Jon was playing piano & guitar. (A first??)

'What If' by the way is a stirrer, it really makes the hairs stand on end and is classic Coldplay. Square One is my fave off new album and will really suit the big production of the tour. It is funny being able to see Matt off left strumming along during The Scientist etc, so some tricks were exposed. Chris was nervous to people's reaction, but i don't think he should worry. I'm not sure what anyone else wants to know. (Only Chris has gone to NYC as there's only 1 track left to mix and if I get my way, it's sneaking on to the album, not a bside!).

So, let's give special mentions, Chris had a bad headache and Jessy came to the rescue with an Aspirin. Amy was recognized from years back by the guys and they looked at old photos she'd brought. Jamie and Jonny bonded over their love of Tottenham, Mairin cried (hope she doesn't mind me saying that!), Neal was "dry but very good" in Chris' words, Will has the same name as the drummer we noticed, John got the drumstick and nearly lost it as he had a hole in his bag, Iain was just very funny (in a good way).

I'm pleased with my choice and I think we all had a great day!

I will eventually only have 1 photo, but we will be getting some, as we had a photographer there!



Im hoping "talk" is the song that she is talking about them mixing and putting on the album! and here were some other track descriptions from another person there:


wow is all i can say about today!! sorry about the descripton.... its all been a blur!


square one. which is very synth heavy (but still in a coldplay way) and proberbly the most impressive new song. it has jonny playing some faded in echo notes on the guitar


the scientist: chris forgot the words at the start of it! but it still sounds amazing! i don't want to spoil the new arrangments for people but it does definatly sound different at the end thats all i'll say!


sparks: it was soooo good to hear this again, i had a feeling they were going to play it when i saw the guitar techs with an acoustic guitar with a capo on the 6th fret and me being the guitarist i am recognised that from sparks!


a message: right this (if it is the song i'm thinking of) has chris on acoustic guitar had is my second favorite of the songs i heard




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wow, omg this is so exciting, can anyone please tell me what the colored boxes mean? But anyway im so excited, hopefully these songs were all amazing, im most excited for square one and what if. the most curious one though is "Fix You", becasue it was the closing song. hmmmmmmm. By the way, i LOVE the idea of politik as the first encore song!

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this was also said by someone who was there, PRODUCING BSIDES FOR THE SINGLE? That means a single could be coming very soon, its already picked and everything wow! Im so excited! I really hope they throw that extra song onto the album too, im sure its "talk"!



but all in all the new songs that i heard were amazing! afterwards chris and jonny after a while came and spoke to us (i don't really remember much of that!) guy had to head home early but we still spoke to him and stuff. then will and jonny came up and signed some stuff for us (i'll post the picture when my camera is working!!!!) and we grabbed what we could (setlists, plectrums, drum sticks!) then we went over to chris and got the last of the stuff signed and spoke to him for a bit more before we he had to go to fly to new york to mix the b-sides for the single. then almost all of us headed off for a quick drink before heading home!

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White Shadows sounds like a good name for the album. Seems to be either Square One or White Shadows in my opinion.


i have my hopes on square one for the album name, but i have to admit white shadows and speed of sound, definitely sound like coldplay songs and sound really interesting!

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