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whoaa i just heard....


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i was staying up doing some homework listening to kcrw on the net and this guy was on talking and way saying how coldplay was soooo nervous about their gig next week that they put on a little mini gig for some friends and family like 35 or so, and played a lot of old stuff. jazzed it up of course but also played some new stuff. but the guy was talking about some of the new stuff!!! and he even gave some of the new song names!!!

he said one was gonna be named What if and that is sounded really tender. and another was called speed of sound, and that it was most likely gonna be the 1st single. and then the big goof forgot part of the name of another one he could only remember that it was white___(something) and that it had a really awesome bass line like clocks did. i dunno i was just sooo excited that i had to share!!!! and i hope, i hope they play all these next week at the kcrw gig and that we'll all get to hear, i know i can't wait to get some new listens, and i must say it pays to listen to the radio while you stay up doing your homework in the wee hours!!!!!!!

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yea and now come to find out after checking my lovely email, about the album name X&Y and the first single speed of sound

single is gettin released may 23rd and album june 6th people!! i guess that guy is a memeber of in my place too.

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