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It would be interesting to see what matches other Coldplayers have been to. My best was in May 1995 when I went to Wembley to watch Enland vs. Hungary. England won 3-0. Any other Coldplayers want to share their footballing moments?

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Tottemhaam 3 Manchester City 4


City were three nil down a half time, down to 10 men and without their star striker.


City fans sung at half time sun were gonna to win the cup hahahahhahaha'


Amazingly city came back, I was unable to watch the game live. So I did not watch or here any form of media that would let me know the result expect I watch this on Match of the Day. All in the space of 20 minutes...


I was called by a close friend just torwards the end of the highlights, as there boyfriend was worried I may be having a near heart attack. I could feel the adrelin near that area my heart all week.

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^ i saw a REEEALLY funny mastercard advert for this it goes like this....


ticket to see man city play spurs in the FA cup.....£38


cost of txting arsenal fans after their league cup exit. £2.50


amount to fly out to manchester at half time....£99


amount it would cost to go and see your team come out the tunnel at half time, 3-0 up against a team with only ten men, without their best striker with only 1 win in 18 games, and getting beat 4-3, ......priceless :lol:

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