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If the rumours are true...


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I personally am excited for LOW. they said it was great for festivals, and had a thumping bass line. I just think this would be amazing live, it just sounds so much like Coldplay. A fast paced loud song with mega bass. I love it, i hope it is on the album.

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dude the sun said they werent on the album' date=' they could be bsides. so i am just referring to the new songs we hadnt heard of before that review, and that we havent already heard.[/quote']


I think the Sun was just played some* tracks, I don't know if we really can say what will and won't be on the album at this point (except, like you said, the ones that debs confirms or the boys play live).



*yeah, I know 11 is more than some, but still... :D


Oh, and 'X&Y' seems the most mysterious :wink3:, so I'm looking forward to that one.

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Im more interested in 'Swallowed in the Sea' partially because of the title. Not because it sounds cool, but because of the sheer setup of it. Other than AROBTTH on the last album, there hasnt been a song on a Coldplay album consisting of more than three words. This one has four.


It also sends a different message than other titles. I kindof see this song (just by the title mind you) as more of a depression-lifter. Not necessarily inspirational, but sorta like number ten on the last album. Ill shut up now and quit blabbering.

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