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Speed Of Sound Artwork and Track Length


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Oh and by the way if you go to the official site, then go to 'Members' (if you're a member) and then go to '*insert name here* Place' then you can change the site style, the default is obv. X+Y but you can also choose from Parachutes, AROBTTH and Speed of Sound. The Speed of Sound one is like this:



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I have a piece of news for you!

Yesterday Coldplay were in Italy for an interview (only with media :cry: :cry: )..

and today on the newspaper I read that the they said the cover represents the old "bunch cards" (I hope it is the right word in english..) used in the first computers..

The cards with the holes....I don't know the exact name..sorry

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I don't know...

they said things we already know about opposites, about maths variables..

and they said that many tracks of the new album make questions and arise doubts..

:huh: :huh: :huh:

They still haven't explained the meaning of the colors...

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