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London Secret Gig


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They cover 'lyla', that is an awful song in my book. Anyway Chris always showed great respect for Noel Gallagher, but risk his neck is simply ridiculous.

All and all, that stupid fake war between coldplay vs oasis promoted by the media is starting to end before even start. Luckily.

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although i wasnt lucky enough to be at the gig :cry: ....over on official a couple of people who did go have left reviews.....


'it was like the biggest fix of my life!!! it was so intimate. just imagine them playing in your living room, the venue was that small and very beautiful. we were so close to the stage, that it took a while to sink in. This gig was so exclusive, no-one could ever put a price on it. U cannot compare it to a conert, the experience was nothing like that. Just me about 100 fellow coldplay fans with the gold wrisbands. And then the record company, media and even noel gallagher up on the balcanoies.

At one point, Chris climed up to the balacony to guh Noel and jumped quite a distance to come back down! that was awesom. most importantly, the songs from the new album were excellent..my fave is what if.'


'The most surreal night of my life!After much cloak and dagger and tiny bit of waiting around Coldplay live in an old church?

I all honesty a night i will never forget,3 of the new songs i actually love on first listen and the old songs,aah!the old songs In my place,Yellow, and The scientist just sound even better!


The funniest thing for me is when Chris looked down in to the throng of faces and asked someone You ok?you ok?you ok?


The only complaint and its just a small one,on a peronal note would loved to have heard Shiver!'


'Hey I was also one of the lucky few to go to the mtv gig last night and all I can say is wow it really was the best night ever. I was in the front row dead in the center the closest i think i shall ever see coldplay perform!! the venue was rather great too as was the bands new stage setup. anyways the setlist was:


Square One


God Put A Smile

Speed Of Sound

Warning Sign

X & Y


Low The Scientist

Till Kingdom Come


What If



In My Place

Fix You


I managed to blag a set list my memory isnt that great thats how i remembered the order!! lol


The new songs were brilliant my favs were What If and Low also Til Kingdom come was really special, the band kinda gathered in the center of the stage with Will on piano!!! Chris and Jonny on guitar and Guy sat on a speaker playing harmonica it was such a nice song plus Chris confirmed its definatly a hidden track!!


The oldies were still great also and as was already said during In My Place Chris climbed the balcony (which was very high) and hugged Noel Gallagher!!! i was surprised Chris didnt break a leg!


Chris also said the bands that he has been wearing on his fingers are not to tie in with the new artwork but are to do with Make Trade Fair.

All in all a fantasic night i will never ever foget, if anyone wants to know more i will try and help!!'


'What an amazing night!! I can honestly say I will never ever forget it!! The atmosphere was amazing, the whole place had this vibe about it, an air of excitement and anticipation - and the venue was perfect, not just for the acoustics but also with the sense of mystery and wonder about the place which summed up what we were all about to hear.


The band were performing amazingly, everything spot-on. The setlist comprised of old and new. Excitement and buzz over the 'old' songs and more of a 'listening' audience to the new songs but with the same amount of excitement once the track had finished. It was a really intimate feeling being in such a small venue with a few fans and tons of media, celebrities, music company peeps etc, but EVERYONE was joining in singing dancing and generally having an awesome time.


And amazing moment when Chris climbed up to the balcony to bond with Noel, and the leap back to the stage.... The lyrics of 'In my Place' changed to something like 'shit that hurt, shit that hurt....!' But wow.'


so there we go...now lets all go green with envy :guitarist: :sick2: :guitarist:

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