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Coldplay at the Fillmore


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Since I have a couple friends that work for Capitol records, I got into the Fillmore afterparty! Will didn't appear (was he feeling OK or does he just not do afterparties a la Thom Yorke?) but I got to meet the rest of the band and they're all very friendly and accomodating. Chris noticed my U2 t-shirt and mentioned how excited he was to be seeing them this weekend in Chicago. Pretty cool that he's still starstruck by his musical idols. :) Oh, and Gwyn bumped into my left foot. Unfortunately no cameras meant no photos, but I did get the guys to sign one of those X&Y tabletop displays for me so I have a memento. Remember... ALWAYS carry a pen!


PS: Sean Penn & Lars Ulrich were also there, but they were both being very aloof and nowhere near as friendly as Robin Williams, who I think spent most of the show shaking hands with folks.



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