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Coldplay at the grammys!!


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Does anyone remember when coldplay played clocks live with an orchestra, i think it was the grammys around the beginning 2003? Im desparate to watch it again, has anyone got any ideas where i can get it please??? Thanks...

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Well, I went through like 20 pages of threads here on previous threads that were made on this topic, and any links that were posted have gone down.


I am sure someone on the board has a copy of it. I will check when I get home tonight to see if I do.

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I hope this works.. rapidshare is usually my uploader of choice but it was down... let me know if doesn't work...


Grammy 2003 VIDEO!!! :wink3:





ok the link is a dud.... I will upload it to rapid share later today.. but just so you kids know.. I have the video.. but please dont pm me for it... I will post it here.. :)



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