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Maths exam


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im sorry to bore but i am extremly proud... i got 64/65 in my maths exam which meant i came first in the year! :smug: yay!


i only got the one question wrong because i didnt know birds weren't carnivores... true story... :confused:


lol the lowest mark on the exam was 12/65... i feel so superior :D


be proud. tell me how much u love me :D :charming:

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Well done! ;)


uhuh. it was to do wid probability...


Ah.. I hate probability, it's definately the worst part of math.

i love probabilities!! all you do is put it in a calculator!


what is the probability i will get 1,000 posts in 3 days if my standard deviation is 5.86 and my mean is 54.9?

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congrats bonabon,im proud of u too :smug:


ive got my LASt exam tomorrow-french. damn,i did NOTHING!!!!!!




lol i did french last year. i was so crap i got a D lol...





i dont mind probability im quite good at it, but its really annoying that i only lost the mark cuz i didnt know birds werent carnivores... :cry:

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lol good story. this particular bird was a sparrow. i thought well birs eat worms and maybe other meat so i thought they would be carnivores. but NOOOOOOOOO they are apparantly OMNIVORES. remember that all of u cuz u may get a question like that which could depend on ur life... :o

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