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Wirez,Whats Going On?


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like everyone trying to locate a copy of the album, wirez has been giving links to re-encodes of the MTV ASIA files that we saw ealier, but we may have the album now, I am downloading what seems to be the CD rip, but I can't be 100%, so I'll keep you posted, when James (wirez) gets it, he'll make sure everyone knows im sure on his site!

You can download some of the tracks posted ealier today and some re-encodes here





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Your link doesn't work!

And you are mistaken: Wirez has poested a link to a "nuked" cd rip! Just check his site! That's the best thing available so far!!! I can tell since I am listening to it right now! So please stop talking nonsense!


And that "nuked thing" will do perfect for me till next monday when I'll be buying the album. This rip is neither corrupted nor heavily distorted. It only has a few pops. Despite that it sounds crystal clear. I have heard a lot of rips of other albums that are much worse.

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