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Have Coldplay ripped off a Kraftwerk riff ????


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Well they say imitation is the greatest form of flattery - but at least they don't just rip samples off and use them like so many recent rap & pop stuff.


I'd be interested in knowing specifics here ... we have the TALK > Computer Love link but what are the others i.e, specific X&Y album track > specific other artist/ track? Any ideas? :huh:

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at the Storytellers gig... they mentioned how they stole a lot of music to make this album.. lol they have no shame! Chris admitted it!! They mentioned Kate Bush' date=' Kartwork, I think the Beatles....... and something else lol[/quote']


The Pogues?

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I don't think you can rip off a riff if you readily acknowledge that you have, which they have, in a few different interviews.


If they never made mention of it, then yes, but I look at it like an homage.

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