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Who else thinks X&Y Tops AROBTTH?


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I for one do. Rush had several weak tracks. A Whisper sounded much like a B-side to me. Warning Sign is probably my least favorite Coldplay song of all time, as well. I can honestly say I like every track on this record. Another reason I think this record is superior is because it actually rocks! Square One, Talk, White Shadows, Twisted Logic and hell some of the other pick up the pace at the end. On AROBTTH, we had Politik, GPAPUYF, and the end of Amsterdamn, maybe. X&Y is just a more musically interesting album for me.

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I really like the new album, but it's too early to rank it. I think those of us who like X & Y are just a bit giddy because it's new Coldplay material. It's impossible to be objective the first couple of weeks. I definitely think we should ask this question again in a month or so. Right now, I'm just enjoying all this new material! :cool:



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