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apparently, Toronto tickets already sold out...

who cares?

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yeah within like 6 minutes they were gone' date=' pretty crazy eh? i think they need another show[/quote']


well, i'm gonna try to win some...


i know it sounds silly, but i've won quite a few things in the past from places like Breakfast Television (tickets to a bunch of stuff)...


listen to the radio, watch TV.... try to grab some tickets somehow...


i must see them when they come here... :confused:

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who cares?' date=' what time did you check at? I hope not 6pm tonight.[/quote']


lol, yeah...


i wasnt expecting to find any left, nor did i want to buy any (well, of course i DID want to buy some, but i couldnt afford them), but i just checked for fun....



wow, 2, 5, even 10 minutes.... that's pretty damn amazing......

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