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The Coldplay Scalping Nonsense Thread


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It's crazy what some people can get away with.. or do they? Post some crazy auctions here.




In case it goes down, here is the rundown:

"Up for auction is an Upper Deck 91-92 hockey card of Jaromir Jagr. The card is in EXCELLENT condition and is a beautiful one of him.


....and to sweeten the bid...


To the winning bidder of the hockey card, I will throw in a FREE set of COLDPLAY tickets in Toronto for the show on August 2nd at the Air Canada Center.


The tickets that will be given free of charge to the winning bidder are CENTER FLOOR seats, 33 ROWS FROM THE STAGE!!!!!!!! The seats ARE side by side, and would make the PERFECT date!


This show sold out in mere MINUTES, and even getting Nosebleed seats is now impossible. So is definitely your Best chance to get tickets! For FREE!


I've seen on here when People have tickets for Sale, they say "I'll send them to you when I get them". None of that nonsense with me. Once payment is made for the hockey card, you will be sent the hockey card and the bonus free tickets SAME DAY!


Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions. "

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i got my tickets off ebay and made savings


Wow, really?


I just emailed a guy asking how much he wants for his tickets, his auction just started. And he said he wants $600 for his 300 level,since they are selling for $400. Geez.

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Well, they had forty ticket listings, and I don't think any regular person would be selling 40 pairs of tickets to various events. What they are doing is putting buy it now's pretty high and not having auctions any cheaper so people will pay more.

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