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Hey all! i was recommended to join this site by a friend, who agrees my love for coldplay is slowly getting out of hand... it is soon i am being advised to request professional help lol just jokes but i scared yas all?? lol


so yeah i was just wondering if anyone else had bourtght their new album X&Y yet?? it is supposed to be in all stored today but i snagged a copy yesterday! :P

i love it so much and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on it??

their 2nd track "what if" is a great one aswell! :D thanks all!

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lol yeah, well by now i think u should have it, it is fantastic isn't it?? its a bit simmilar to " A rush of Blood to the Head" as it begins with fairly fast, loud music with sustaining chords but the second half is more slow and sensual, it has a great appeal to many audiences, no wonder there labled to be ont of the greatest bands of all time.... :D

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