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Charlotte - 9/9/05


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I am still trying to find some good seats, that I can afford of course. Stayed online over 1 hour last Saturday trying to get something in the 1, 2, or 3...but had no luck!

I am not giving up, I really want to go to this show so badly!


Have they ever played Charlotte before? I can't recall.... :)

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nooo..i thought about it...im going to Raleigh the next day...already got tix



yes...they went to charlotte for the AROBTTH tour....I've heard it was one of the best shows they did. I've heard a recoreding or Yellow from that show....its quite good.



hey tioys,


did you manage to get good seats at alltel? i'm in section 7, but not under the roof. hopefully the weather is good. :cool3: kicker was, i logged back into ticketmaster about 45 minutes after i got mine at 10am (when they went on sale) and found a pair of $69.50 tickets about 20 rows in front of me. don't know how i missed them before. :disappointed: anyway, it should be an awesome show!

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oh yes


yeah im in sec 7...row Z (right on the edge of the roof)i think haha...oh well. they were like $48 or something...:lol:

As long as I can hear...im happy...


hehe, i'm only 3 rows behind you. i'm in section 7, row cc. :D

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