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Hello there. I am silverion


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Howdy all. Not much to tell. I like Coldplay but i have no albums yet. The reason i joined is because i am planning on getting some coldplay albums soon


I dont really have any favorite bands. My cd collection consists of


Norah Jones. Doubt anyone here has heard of her but i am a huge fan of hers


Muse. I see you have a huge muse following


David bowie. I just think the guys cool cause he is so wierd


Pink floyd. They are one of the most inspirational bands i have ever heard


Radiohead. Dont flame me. I heard the rumours. I have no time for that. The music is all that is important to me


Damien Rice. This guys brilliant. He gets so worked up its kinda scary


Rasmus. It was too catchy and i let myself be fooled


Evanescence. I sometimes think that the rasmus is this bands fault.


But some of this is not stuff i like. Money is allways a problem

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