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Coldplay deterrent to Chavs....


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I read the most bonkers article in the standard yesterday...

In Dagenham Train Stations latest attempt to clear loitering vandalising teens from the railway station, they play classical music over the tannoy as the Chavs deem it 'uncool' they also play other 'mellow' artists such as (i qoute) 'Enya, Kate Bush and amongst others even Coldplay'


????????????? ????????????? ????????????????? ????


Has Dagenham (along with the rest of the world) gone bananas?


By the way people stateside, if ur unfamiliar with the saying 'Chav' http://www.chavscum.com should enlighten you.


Happy weekend!

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I've heard this aobout German train stations, too. Albeit they only play classical music.


Hm, Coldplay? Now, if you wanted to say something bad about Coldplay ( which I personally wouldn't ), you could say they are bland background music. So wouldn't playing them actually be contra-productive? :P



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