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so I need some help...


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so i'm leaving for london in like a week and i've had no time to prepare :confused: so i'm hoping that some of y'all can give me some tips and places that i must see. i'll be there for about 4 days i believe arrive on 26 leave on 30th so i've got some time for some stuff. i was gonna pick up a book tomorrow or this weekend with the usual touristy stuff but i was wondering about other stuff that books might not know about also :wink3: and also other little friendly tips and advice you'd like to hand out :D

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oh, i'll be visiting london and then of course visting coldplay :P ha ha, basically just wasting time in europe till i fly out on the 30th to athens i'm gonna be in mycenae for a month for an field school for school doing an excavation and museum work.


contest? what contest?

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Go to the london eye, harrods, buckingham palace, camden market, oxford street....Hyde park is really nice aswell i stayed opposite there in febuary and its right next to the albert hall


Do NOT go to Harrod's - it's a dump!! Go to Fortnum & Mason instead - that store is classy. The London Eye and Tower of London (up top) are a must.................

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