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Berlin concert yesterday


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Hi... I've been there yesterday... Here is the setlist... hope this is the right one... can't renember exaktly the right order but those are the played titles...


Square One



Speed of Sound

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Warning Sign


Everything's Not Lost

White Shadows

The Scientist

Til Kingdom Come

Don't Panic


Swallowed To The Sea




What If

In My Place

Fix You



So it was about 90 minutes and the show was really really good... the audiance had a lot of fun and also the band was in a very good mood.

Chris making Jokes with Johnny and song some German words on "Scientist" ("Danke schön!", "wo geht's zum Bahnhof?") and added some lyrics from Rammstein's "Amerika" in "Clocks".


Good mood, lot of energy... My favourites were "Til Kingdom Come", "Fix you" and "Politik" ... love to hear "Warning Sign".


During Richard Ashcrofts performance of "Bitter Sweet Symphony" Chris was standing aside to the stage and sung all the lyrics and he was very grooving.


Great night in Berlin :)

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I can only support that opinion.

That was my first Coldplay concert and probably the best one I've ever seen.

At first, the ticket price of about € 52 kept me from going.

But in the end I couldn't come up with any excuse for not going.

To be honest ... I've been a big Hip Hop fan for years until it just became to boring to stick to. Then I heard "Clocks" when staying at a friend's house.

That was like a magic moment. Since then, I couldn't forget the song's melody and as if it was domino effect, I got introduced to all those wonderful songs from AROBTTH and later Parachutes........

It's like a never ending love ... It's kind of ironic then, that me and my girlfriend got into our relationship at about the same time.

I hope, Coldplay doesn't feel like being cheated on :-)

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