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I was there. Loved it. I was all of about 10 feet from the front, almost right in front of Chris' piano. From Square One onwards, it was an amazing show. Shame that they didn't play Trouble, but I'll let them off as the rest was so good. Clocks with the lights and shiny foily stuff at the back of the stage was superb. Also the whole encore was top notch. So much emotion, and the fireworks during Fix You topped it all off nicely.

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yeah man there`s like 3 threads about the 28th and nothin about 27th! so i was in the 2nd row right behind the guy with a hat (he threw it at chris at the end of the show and chris put it on jonny`s head). and if i disturbed someone by jumping up and down and dancing like mad, i`m sorry i couldn`t help it. anyway chris looked straight into my eyes 2 times: after singing 'come on love stay with me' and when he was saying goodbye right before he hot hit with the hat.


the weather was great (unlike on the 28th heehee) and i got sunburnt.


if someone got the setlist (and people were fighting for it like crazy), please put it on the message board cuz i forgot half the songs they played.


what else can i say: chris seemed to be in a great mood cuz he was making jokes about things and was jumping and running on stage as if he was on speed.


kudos to morning runner`s guitar player for kicking those balls back to the crowd.


oh right! i almost forgot:


i saw jonny and will watching morning runner play (thy were hiding on the left hand side of the stage) and chris watching supergrass (in the same place wearing a black jumper and sunglasses).


peace out



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