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Yup, it's another "newbie"


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Just thought I'd say a quick "hello". Been browsing around the Coldplay websites trying to find a good messageboard and have ended up here as a result.


My name is Helen, I'm 21 and have been a Coldplay fan since I heard Yellow all those years ago! I've been to see them live twice (once in the Parachutes era and once in the ROBTTH era) and am going again on Monday at the Reebok Stadium.....VERY VERY excited!!


So yeah, that's me!

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Hi green_scissors and welcome! :cool: I'm new too, I found this messageboard like a week ago and It's the best one I've seen so far.


Wow I wish i could go to one of there concerts! But I doubt that they will make one here in my country, so I think I'll have to take a plane and go see them in New York or something :/ .......Come to DR guysssssss!!!!

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Welcome green_scissors..nice to have you, i'm new too hope you like the forum, it's great, hey Eni nice to meet you, i'm a dominican too, and i also wish i could go to one of their concerts, but anyways, listening to them is great, or you could buy the dvd, its awsome.. ;) ...bye bye, saludos

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