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Glastonbury 2005 CD


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It's time for Overburning! (My glasto cd = overburned and has teh full 81 minutes 57 seconds on it) here's how to do it.


You must have Nero


yeah it costs USD100 but i can get a serial number to fully activate it if you private message me

http://ww2.nero.com/enu/no_demo.php and download package 1 and that's it. PM me if you want to keep it forever




Your CD recorder must support the overburning feature and this type of media.


Please check the points below:


1. To overburn, you have to burn in either ´Disc-At-Once´ or ´Disc-At-Once 96´ write mode. The multisession mode is not possible.

2. Enable overburning in Nero's ´File --> Preferences --> Expert Features´ (if you use Nero Express, do so from ´More --> Configure --> Expert Features´) and deactivate/disable ´Check for correct disc format´ from within Nero´s ´Files --> Preferences --> General´ (or from within Nero Expresss ´More --> Configure --> General settings´).


If you enable overburning in ´Expert Features´, you should use the settings below, based on the size of media you are working with:


For 80 min media set to 82:00

For 90 min media set to 89:30

For 99 min media set to 99:54:74


So with ur 80 min CD, just set overburning to 82:00 it'll give u warnings and what not but I have glasto 2005 on cd so if it comes to worse I can just mail you the CD

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