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frequent topics in Coldplay songs


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Hasn't anyone noticed that X&Y is all about this fictional "you" person.


Square One - "You're in control, is there anywhere you wanna go"

What If? - "What if you should decide..."

White Shadows - "Maybe you get what you wanted, Maybe you stumbled upon it, Everything you ever wanted"

Fix You - haha...man, so many YOU references here...


anyways, you guys get the point.


In Parachutes and AROBTTH, Chris constantly sings about him and not this fictional 'you' person. This is why I don't like why X&Y that much, it feels like lyrics are fake and lack soul. Chris doesn't have any love problems anymore, he's got Gwen and a baby and doing very well.


No wonder he had such a hard time writing this album.


Don't get me wrong, I love Coldplay, I've seen em twice this year already and I have tickets to the San Fran show (which I plan on re-selling) but this really bugs the hell out of me.


Anyways, that's my input on this topic.

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Well, love definitely, but also friendship and growing up and growing psychologically. Also overcoming difficult pasts...Well, different people can read so many different things out of the songs anyway, but that's what I got out of them! :P

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