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  1. happy birthday, have a great day :)

  2. Fiona is the most outstanding female singer in my list, and that's for sure!
  3. Cornell has a great voice, hard to get for a rock singer. I listen to many of their songs everyday.
  4. Parachutes: Don't panic - Yellow - We never change AROBTTH: Politik - The scientist - Amsterdam X&Y: What if - A mesage - The hardest part
  5. I hadn't seen this thread. It's great!
  6. Guitar: Don't panic, Trouble, Yellow, Politik, GPASUYF, The Scientist, Amsterdam, What if, A message, and The hardest part. :smug:
  7. Finally! I'm in CFU. I hope to get what I want. :)
  8. Have you visited http://www.songmeanings.net? Maybe you can find something useful, but the thing is that some songs are so full of poetic language instances such as metaphors or allegories that we really have many options when trying to interpret. However, you actually can get the meaning of a word, sentence or text. Usually, a composer tries to express a single message but it could be open to several interpretations and normally we adapt them to our ways of thinking. I believe this is a matter of cognition, psychology or any other science about mind. Sorry if it was too long and boring :D
  9. MAFE, recuerda que necesitamos mucha tolerancia. :) Aunque es injusto que nos quieran obligar a escuchar lo que no queremos. Si yo manejara un bus pondr├şa Coldplay a ver que pasa :cool:
  10. Toda la m├║sica es respetable por ser manifestaci├│n cultural de la regi├│n que la produce. Sin embargo, si es un asco, pero ellos dir├şan lo mismo de nuestreos gustos, ┬┐no?
  11. Por fortuna, Coldplay tiene ese efecto catártico de sacarnos las melodias "reggaetoneanas"., incluso a los que vivimos en la "cold capital city" y que, añorando ciertos ambientes, tenemos que aguantar a las malas ese respetable ritmo latino.
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