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Never Made A Proprer Introduction


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Wassup mofizzles! Ive been postin for bout 3 weeks and nevr made a proper introudction / never noticed this part of the forum


Ill give you the lowdown


My name is Andrew, and I go by the alias/nicknames Geno Prime, Big Drew, and Jerry Curlz. I have been the class president all 3 years of my high school career and i recently won the election, so ill be continuing it my senior year as well next year. Theres this band called Coldplay who are really awesome, but I'm not sure i f anyone has heard of them. Im not a playa I just crush alot.


Ya excuse the G-Unit references, I hang out with soo many rap-likers, Im like the only of that group who prefers Coldplay to Dr. Dre. Therefor i use alot of "izzle" at the end of random wordizzles.


Cya'll around[/img]

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Hey Andrew! Welcome to the forum! Have fun here. That's funny that you hang out with rap-likers and you like Coldplay. How is that possible? :confused: Coldplay rocks though! Fo shizzle my nizzle dizzle! :P Why did Snoop Dogg carry his umbrella outside?


Fo drizzle! :lol:

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