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Can Anyone explain?


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the cover photo of the globe for the 'parachutes' album was taken by the band. From the official site

"In a move that at the time felt foolhardy but in retrospect was inspired, the band took it upon themselves to come up with a sleeve. Equipped with a disposable Kodak and less than accomplished photographic skills, they managed to snap the shot that went on to represent their music all around the world. The globe, bought for under £10 in WHSmith, had been their constant companion both on tour and in the studio."


the cover photo for 'a rush of blood to the head' was a digital image taken by Solve Sundsbo. a digital image was taken of each member of the band members for each single, I don't know who is on the album cover tho.

In My Place - Johnny Buckland (fron of head exploding)

The Scientist - Will Champion (head and shoulders, leaning forwards)

Clocks - Chris Martin (looking up through his body)

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face - Guy Berryman (the back of his hear exploding)


The cover image for the x&y album is a graphic code meaning x&y, the artwork for each of the singles taken from the album will also use the same code with the name of the single. The code is reviealed in the centre of the cd album booklet.

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