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X&Y vs Kings Of Convenience


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:o that´s a crazy rumour!! haha... but nah... is not true...


:book2: but they do had the same producer: Ken Nelson was the producer of the first KOC official cd... :)



Evil... Zu

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Hmm, i've not heard of Kings of Convenience helping either. They're a great band though, the first song i heard by them was Toxic girls, quite a few years ago. I then saw an interview with them, mentioning a girl/woman, 'Stina Nordenstam'. I have one song by her, and i like it, but don't really know many of her songs...does anyone recommend me downloading/buying any particular album.

Also.., does anyone have Kings of Convenience - I'd Rather Dance with You [Cornelius Remix] ?

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I would recommend you to buy the two albums.. if you like Toxic girl and the good music, they are AMAZING...

well, I´m one of the biggest fans, so probably I´m not really a reliable resource! :D hehe.

but...trust me, the albums are great... the first one is a little bit more melancholic with not many instruments... but it is my favorite...


and no, I dont have the remix! sorry.. :embarrased:



I´m sick of this town: Zu

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