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What can I expect?


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I go to my first Coldplay concert in about two weeks...


What songs should I expect them to play, other than from X&Y? Me and my friends are all in love with the Scientist, and are really hoping that they play that Live.


I know it's not a broad "Coldplay Music" tour, it's the X&Y tour, but I've been to other album-specific concerts where they play songs from other albums. Any info?

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I was absolutely blown away when I saw them in concert! I saw them on Aug 7th in Philly and loved it so much I'm going to see them up near Buffalo, NY in 2 weeks on Sept 1st! There's a pretty good selection of stuff...I'm really bad w/ names of songs :confused: but there's a wide variety from all their albums! Enjoy!!

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the band obviously mainly play songs from x&y bt they still play many songs from the other two albums


so far the band have played these songs from 'parachutes' and 'a rush of blood to the head'




God Put A Smile Upon My Face

warning sign

The Scientist

Don´t Panic (acoustic version)

Everything´s Not Lost


In My Place

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