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oye..boredom..whats up ppl??


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I sure will....I'm such a little show off... :lol: :D

Today in English class we used supposed to bring two of our fav. poems but my fav. poems are wicked long..and shit...and I forgot about it..so I had to my websit and got two of my poems..like 2 secs before class and I never like my own and I was scared that the kids would laugh..because some kid bought in his and the teacher was like.."that made soo sense at all.."and the kids laughed..but

I read my two and the room was silent in like was sort of äwwee"...and the teacher was like..that s fabulous I am going to introduce to my husband and some of my poet friends..bring in more and I can help u get your work publish ..I was just chessin'the whole..time..heheheh :oops: :oops: :D :D :D

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