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did you hear the song already? :rolleyes:


haha btw, I have a question.. what happens when you send a text message to a normal house phone except for a mobile phone?

here in the Netherlands the phone will ring and if you pick it up, a women's voice will tell you you've received a text message, and will read the message loud out for you.. (well read.. it's a computer's voice, so it sounds incredibly funny :P ) is that the same everywhere else in the world?

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aww :( You should come live over here ;)

haha that would be fun.. the Netherlands are such a pretty country.. ( :rolleyes: ) you'd love it here :P

no mountains, no hills.. no woods or forests.. only windmills and tulips :idea2: and cheap beer factories :cool: and other ugly square buildings..

oh it's so lovely here! :blush:

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haha well if i ever go over there i'll send you a text message so you can tell me what are the best places to visit in town :P


But hey, it sounds lovely! would you take me to the choco factories too? please pretty please? :kiss:

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