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Me & This ARmy


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For all you Radi0head fans i came across this website today ............


which are offering a rather different re-worked and remixed versions of some classic radiohead tracks .

there are a few track samples you can listen to as to get a idea of the re mixes they have done , track titles include ...............


01. Everything In Its Wrong Place



02. Idioteque Calisthenics

(ft. gift of gab & cut chemist)


03. Change The Beat - MF Doom

(pz wicket child remix)


04. Daytona 500 - Ghostface

(panzah zandahz iron lung remix


05. Rapperfection - Edan

(ft. mr. lif. national anthem mash-up)

06. At Ease


07. Creep

(ft. fred from fitter happier [or at least it k


08. Me & This Army (ft. sev statik & a shitty mic)


09. D.D.T. - Kool Keith

(panzah zandazh paperbag remix)


10. Itsoweezee - De La Soul (pz i will remix)



11. How Ya Want It - Jungle Brothers

(pz punchup remix)


12. No Surprises (none at all really)


13. Sooo Tired


14. You & What Army


15. Planet Telex Loop


16. Paranoid Android



so if your looking for some alternative radi0head remixes when check out the site .



HTTT :sneaky:

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