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Still can't find the "Fix You" jacket anywhere


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OK, I am new to this site and don't wanna drive everyone mad because this subject has been done to death....but I will anyway.


So far we have gone from it being D&G to some brand called Collective something. Both have now been disproved and the last I know is that Chris said it was from Selfrdiges.


We have had people posting similar examples of the jacket but to be honest none of them look similar to me and they are all American websites.


Please.....does anyone know where I can buy this jacket in the UK. I have tried contacting the stylist but no luck. I have driven the guy at Selfridges mad with this jacket question. Somebody must know. Does Chris ever look at this site?


I am not normally a follower in fashion but I just love the shape of the jacket and that it is so well fitted.


Please help!!!!!

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