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airplane Crash Kills 117 in Indonesia


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An Indonesian jetliner crashed into a crowded residential neighborhood in the city of Medan shortly after takeoff Monday, killing all 117 on board and an unknown number on the ground, officials said.



The Mandala Airlines Boeing 737 was heading to Jakarta when it crashed one minute after takeoff and burst into flames, said Transport Minister Hatta Radjasa.


It was carrying at least 117 passengers and crew, said the airline's acting president, Maj. Gen. Hasril Hamzah Tanjung.


source: yahoo.com


another plane crash.

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yes it seems


here in spain there were 2 small crash recently, of small planes (just pilot and co-pilot). :stunned: one of them crashed into a house in the middle of a city, and dead the pilot and two people that were inside the house. :stunned:

and a spanish helicopter crashed in afganistan and died 17 spanish troops :stunned: some weeks ago.


all those planes crashig round the world are unusual. :stunned:

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