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Chris and Jonny on ROVE LIVE


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The guys will be appearing ths tuesday september 6 at 9.00pm for 200th Episode Spectacular on ROVE LIVE Australia/NZ.


Coldplay's Chris Martin

and Jonny Buckland

What have these refreshingly down-to-earth boys got to say about finding themselves in the world's biggest band? This conversation will run the gamut from X to Y...


other guests include Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park and James Blunt is the musical guest.


source: http://www.rovelive.com/guests/current/


sorry if i posted this thread in wrong place

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yeah but somefin like Feb. Is that when the Bid day out is on?

i heard it might not be happening this year cause cannot get Melb. venues :cry:


they're always funny and chris has always got something unexpected up his sleeve

" i've got bad breath and body hair problems" :lol:

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omg they announced they r gonna be touring?! yay! next feb is pretty good. and it would be great if they were at BDO - that would definetly secure my tickets.


i taped rove but i still havent watched it yet cuz rove was so bloody long that night...

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