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The boards are always empty at this time...


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so when is the rush hour? i just log in when i have to procrastinate and hmmm

well i must admit i'm addicted to the site :blush: :rolleyes:

that's why joined coldplay fans united hopefully they may be able to help me :lol:


have you joined?

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:huh: can't see it


just went to check out entertainment and arts and yeh you did the Cali sunrise



i have to tell you i've pulled my hair out from the woe onto mankind that is Photoshop :veryangry2:

i guess i should learn how to use it properly first :thinking:

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go to http://www.myspace.com and create an account


my page is this----when you create one of ur own---then we can be friends there



also, CFU has a group----come and join---but you have to create an account of ur own for this


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