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Petrol at 6.30am


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Grrrr I decided to go really early to go to the petrol station so I got up with my boyfriend at 6am and went. There was already a thirty minute queue which I waited in and then paid as much as I usually do to fill my tank, to fill only half of it! :stunned:


Then my usual 15 min journey home took nearly 45 mins cos I got stuck in every other queue too. :angry:


And the thing is I wasn't even following the 'panic crowd', I really needed some and didn't realise how bad it was until I got a text in the pub last night. Grr grr. :rolleyes:


/rant over


p.s. Morning all :angel:

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Wow. *looks at post count*


Then you must have nothing to do all the time.


I am assuming that you are either in a terribly bad mood, or your not brilander. I don't know you, but judging from your join date, I dunno how you'd be tolerated her for that long with that shitty attitude. :D

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Mimi, it was mad round here as well last night. We only wanted to go to Tesco to get a bottle of wine and some tea. The first one was completely blocked by a petrol queue. Luckily the second one had two ways in so we could sneak in, park and then shop.

The queues were still there this morning but weren't half so bad. Looks like most of the petrol stations round here are now sold out. There was one manager on the radio said they sold a week's worth of petrol in 36 hours!!

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Well hopefully if all the garages sell out then the queues will die down, still gonna leave an extra ten minutes to go out tonight though as I pass about 4 stations along the way.


You know what really bugs me though...when there's a queue on a roundabout and not one of the feckers leaves a gap for the people going off at a different exit. Grrr :angry:

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