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"How You See The World" / Amazon.Com Reviews Of X&


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1st Thing: What's this "How You See The World" song on the japanese acoustic session. It's a bonus track or something, but I had never heard it til a few days ago. Was it ever recorded on something else? In any case, I like it.


2nd Thing: People should read some of these reviews by other people on Amazon.Com of X&Y. When I buy stuff off of there I usually put a review in too. I'm tempted to write one for X&Y since I do have it. As you read through em it's definitely noticeable how you either love or hate this new Coldplay album. I knew for myself, it grew on me over time. The more you listen to it, the better it sounds. I think some people judged this album after only listening to like 2 songs. In any case, here's the link:



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